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Berlin Cathedral by Kevin Rainbird
Lonely Shopper by Colin Dengate
Blue Boat by Sue McDermid
Avocet Feeding by Sue McDermid
Wave Riding by Brian Bailey
A path well trodden by Chris Davies
Sicilian harbour by Kelvin Godfrey

The club has received rather sad news that Ron Stewart, who was one of the clubs longest serving members, has passed away.
Ron was a valued member of the Club, even up to the time the club stopped meeting at the Hall, where he was Doorman, making sure we all signed in, and wore our badges. He had worked in a cinema for many years until retirement, and knew just about all there was to know about the actors and actresses in the black and white film era. He used to do a quiz at our xmas gathering to name the actors in his vast collection of photos.
If anyone is interested, his Funeral is next Friday 10th December at 10.15 at the Crematorium.



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Seven Sisters cliffs in winter by Kelvin - First DPI 20-21 Barn Owl Hunting - First DPI 20-21 Reed Bunting - First DPI 20-21 First DPI 20-21 First DPI 20-21 First DPI 20-21 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA - First DPI 20-21 First DPI 20-21 First DPI 20-21 First DPI 20-21 Porshe GT4, By Chris Davis - First DPI 20-21 First DPI 20-21

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